500,000 copies of The Ukrainian Prayer Book were distributed throughout Ukraine in two spring months. It became possible through the joint efforts of two ministries: Christians for Ukraine International Initiative (texts were prepared by the Christians for Ukraine Ministry) and with the financial and organizational assistance of the Poklik Association (the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Every Home for Christ Ministry). 

The next 500 000 copies are now printing in Poland. At the end of April, about 90,000 of the Prayer Books were sent to Ternopil for further distribution in Ukraine.

Churches put the Prayer Book into the sets of humanitarian aid consisting of food, clothing and basic necessities for refugees or internally displaced persons.

Let us share two stories.

“Victory” bread

On the outskirts of Kyiv there is a bakery that has been baking day and night from 1,000 to 1,500 loaves of “Victory” bread.  For more than two months this bread is free sharing for the de-occupied territories of Kyiv and Chernihiv, for hospitals and churches which serving people who survived the horrors of war.

People need healing from God, so we have combined two breads: daily and spiritual. The first is baked by ourselves, and the second — Ukrainian Prayer Book was prepared by the Christians for Ukraine and the Poklik Association,

— wrote on her Facebook page the head of the bakery Lyubov Dubova.

Victory bread is baked from several ingredients. One of the most important is flour, to which we must add the love and work of our volunteers, then – oil, yeast, salt and sugar and then a masterpiece is born. God is present in every day of our bakery. He takes care of everything necessary through the hands of many people. He teaches us to trust Him. Thank you for everyone who is with us. We know that good deeds lead to the dream of Victory!

Living Word for the soldiers

In April our prayer books were also given to volunteers in Kyiv who help the Army and Territorial Defense soldiers.

Thank you for the wonderful Ukrainian Prayer Books for our defenders! Everything is very clear, comfortable, with love! Now we will also put prayer books in the parcels! I’m happy,

wrote volunteer Sasha Krushevska on her Facebook.

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