About us

Who is participating in the initiative?

The Christians for Ukraine International Initiative is a response of Christians from various countries to the challenges of war. Is a platform for various charitable initiatives to organize humanitarian aid for Ukrainians in Ukraine and Poland..

We have already built a partnership with: Korea Food for the Hungry International, European Great Commission Collaboration, Youth With A Mission, churches and Christian communities from Poland, churches and Christian organizations from Ukraine, associations of Ukrainian chaplains, churches from the United States, Western and Central Europe.

Organisation structure

The main work is carried out by the working group, which coordinates activities in the following aspects:

Formulation of vision, development of relations with key partners.

Interactions with Ukrainian volunteer centres on the ground to gather requests for urgent needs and coordinate logistics for the delivery of aid and evacuation of the population from “hot spots”.

Housing, support in various matters, spiritual and psychological support

Search and purchase of necessities, medicines and products, logistics in Poland.

Fundraising, media, communication. Includes our Ukrainian team of the Christians for Ukraine media project.

We constantly need volunteers!

To apply for participation in the initiative, write to us
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The future

Vision of the initiative

Because of the great need for specific programs to help renew and rebuild Ukraine, Eastern European Reformation Ministry take part in negotiations and consultations to create a platform of ministries that will join their efforts to accomplish this goal. This platform is supposed to be a network of communities that implement practical projects aimed at rebuilding Ukraine physically, emotionally and spiritually. But all these projects should share the common ground – the Vision of Ukraine as a Godly Nation in various aspects of life on the level of a person, a family, a local community, and the whole nation.

To create such an idea-based framework, we plan to adapt our Christian Open Academy program to be more practical and more focused on matters of nation-building. For the last two years, the Christian Open Academy has been a 7-month informal education program that equipped Christian leaders to be missionaries in society. Now, we see that this vision has an even higher level of relevance.
A man in Irpin mows the lawn in front of houses destroyed by the Russian army. (photo by Marek M. Berezowski)
How to help

How can I help?

  • Join us as an organization.
  • Give financially.
  • Become a volunteer in Poland.
  • Prayer supportю. Join our prayer chain by clicking here.

1. Give securely online through Faith and Learning International

2. Give online using PayPal

3. Give by sending funds directly to the foundation in Poland with accounts in EUR, USD, GBP and PLN:

Recipient: Eastern Europe Reformation Foundation.


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