The God’s Light Church (Lublin, Poland), a network partner of the Christians for Ukraine International Initiative, rented another house, which will become a temporary shelter for another 25 refugees from Ukraine. At the moment, 30 people live in the shelter in Wroclaw, and 75 people live in five shelters in Lublin, of which 40 are children of different ages. In shelters, people are provided with all the necessary assistance: organizing legal, medical, humanitarian and spiritual assistance, placing children in schools, organizing children’s clubs, etc. Benefactors from Japan bought the necessary furniture for Lublin shelters. And the church from Singapore sponsors meals.

In most cases, people are looking for opportunities to find a permanent place of living, so the God’s Light Church is looking for opportunities to improve the conditions for their stay in shelters and accommodate people, both in Poland and in other European countries. For example, were found a permanent place of residence in Germany for two families. Over the past two weeks shelters in Lublin have accommodated 4 new families to live on a permanent basis: 6 adults and 12 children.

For children the Light In You Children’s Club were established. Every day from Monday to Friday 10-15 children from 2 to 12 years old go in for sports, read, watch cartoons, participate in master classes and Bible lessons, and also learn Polish and English.

In addition to the described work, the God’s Light Church collected and sent about 7 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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